Past Shows

Slapdash Sketch Co. Works Hard 4 the Funny @ Judy's Beat Lounge 

For one night only, Slapdash Sketch Co. put their blood, sweat, tears, ice cream, rocket ships, pizza boxes, and cleaning supplies into a sketch show that guarantees laugh-- at least one! Or your money back. Performing at Judy's Beat Lounge at the Second City featuring  Prateek Srivastava, Liz Cohn, Preston O'ffill, Duane Deering, Ditto Jones, SaraJane Fein, Alisha Denomme, Timothy Moan, Jonathan Goldthwaite, and Dave Winnyk

Making Fun of America Again @ The Crowd Theater 

For 4 weeks, an ensemble of comedians and performers wrote a show every week. From a zany Twilight Zone parody to a karaoke musical, Slapdash made you laugh at American culture of today and yesterday.   Featuring Prateek Srivastava, Liz Cohn, Preston O'ffill, Marissa Chastain, Michelle Oliver, Sydney Florsheim, Timothy Moan, SaraJane Fein, Alisha Denomme, Reba Bagazinski, Seth Cohen, Yoab Abundis, Drew Given, Nikki Lynn Michaelson, and Dave Winnyk. 

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